Awesome Sweet Red Wines?
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Do you know some awesome sweet red wines available in Sydney (Australia)?

I recently tried Baily & Baily Two Fat Ladies Dolce, and would love to try some similar wines. It isn't expensive, and it has zero snob value, but I loved the taste. Care to recommend some sweet red wines? Only catch is that they should available in the Sydney area.
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Best answer: You're looking for Brown Brothers Dolcetto and Syrah, which is slightly more expensive and slightly tastier (IMO) than the Two Fat Ladies. The booze of my misspent university youth.
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If you can get hold of a bottle of the "Sassy Red" from Canberra winery Tallagandra Hill, you will probably be quite a happy drinker. It's almost a dessert wine and like the Two Fat Ladies Dolce you are meant to drink it chilled. I am sure some Sydney wine shops would stock it, or if not you can order it from the Tallagandra Hill website, but I expect they won't sell less than a case...
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Is rose red enough for you? Logan Wines Hannah's Rose is magnificent, and should be available in Sydney. R5 Wines do a luscious sweet sparkling shiraz but I've only had their cleanskins, I don't know that they sell it labelled.

I'll trawl through our wine storage records to see what else I can find.

(My parents have a wine storage business, and we get lots of freebies from grateful winemakers. And I like sweet reds too.)
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Oh, anything by David Lowe. His merlot is to die for.
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I'm not that much into sweet wines, but if you have Happs there (and it's avialable from Dan Murphy so it should be) the Happs Fuchsia Rosé is quite nice.
Their Merlot is too if that counts as sweet.
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Brown Brother's Moscato is a sweet red (well, almost pink, really) and reminds me of Passiona, but in a good way. You're looking at about $16/bottle and it seems to be available everywhere (Dan Murphy's, Liquorland etc). Serve chilled.
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Banrock Station Crimson Cabernet - sweet with some fizz
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A total wine noob here, but Jam Jar's Sweet Shiraz is so lovely. And I'm hoping you can find it in Sydney as it's an Australian wine.
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Head into the sparkling shiraz section as well. I have found some that seem to taste sweeter just because of the bubbles. Clovelly Estate is a Queensland wine, but may be able to find it in smaller Sydney bottleshops. Andrew Garrett can be found in Dan Murphy's and is around $12 a bottle.

McWilliams Inheritance Fruitwood Red is a cheap $5 version. To me it tastes cheaper than your original choice.

I recently came across a bottle of the Chocolate Shop Chocolate Lover's wine - it is a red infused with dark chocolate flavours. It does kind of taste like liquid dark chocolate. It's a little richer - kind of like a port.

Agree on Dolcetto and Syrah. Your Bailey and Bailey is one of my old favorites!
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Response by poster: Thanks, folks. I'll take the list to a Dan Murphy's (closest liquor store to my place) and see what I can get. The Brown Brothers wines sound like the best candidates.
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