Day Trips for Cheap?
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Looking for cool and cheap day trips accessible from Oakland. Preferably things like hot springs, nature/hiking, cheap wineries, etc. Any recommendations? Thanks for your help!
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Best answer: hmmm ... hiking in oakland.



mt tam/tennessee valley!

mt diablo!
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Best answer: oh and for hot springs you could do alot worse than mercey. you'd be going south instead of north, to the middle o nowheres instead of fuffy wine country or feelingful coast(al wine country) but damn! that's a hot spring! cd make it a day trip if you didn't mind getting up early, then dragging your languid noodly carcass three hours back up the road.
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I haven't lived there in a couple years, but when I did, Pacifica had a really nice 7 mile or so trail that started at Sharp Park Beach and ended at Pacifica State Beach (or vice versa). It hugged the waterfront pretty good. It wasn't exactly a "back to nature"/camping kind of trail, since you were pretty close to roads and stuff and still in Pacifica for several parts of it, but it was a nice walk all the same and I always found walking beside the Pacific soothing. And Pacifica is a neat little beach town, which is why I lived there. You could easily drive to PSB in the morning, follow the trail into town and have lunch and check it out, then wander back down the trail in the afternoon and spend the rest of your time at the beach.
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When I lived in Oakland I was naive and unaware that I was living in day trip Heaven. Nevertheless I managed to find some really cool places. The ones I liked the most were:

Briones Regional Park (my favorite hikes);

Tilden (mentioned above);

Half Moon Bay State Beach;

Mount Tamalpais (mentioned above);

Big Basin Redwoods State Park;

next time I am there I am going to Henry Coe State Park which I foolishly overlooked.

The best time for hiking in the (~)wild is March to May which you are a little past but you may have many months to plan for the best locations at the best times. If you venture off the main paths (which I really highly recommend) watch out for the poison oak which is usually over the place.
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*all* over the place!
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Point Reyes is a very short trip from Oakland and offers a lovely drive, gorgeous hikes of various levels, a cool lighthouse, a place where you can see physical evidence of a past earthquake, and lots of tasty things to eat (especially oysters and cheeses).
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As noted, it's getting a bit on the warm side for some of the hikes, but there are tons of little parks in the area. I would recommend Alamere Falls at Point Reyes or Mount Montara specifically.
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