How to make a magazine-style portfolio
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Ideas for creating a magazine-style portfolio?

I want to make a portfolio of my work, mainly blog articles (with accompanying photos) and advertisements. It's all on the same topic (travel) so I thought it would be fun to design it like a magazine.

I was originally thinking of making it using the iPhoto photo album software, but I need to be able to customize the layout a bit more, and besides, I need to emphasize the writing, not the photographs. I would also like to be able to create my own cover.

So what's the best way to lay out, print, and bind a one-off magazine-style project like this?
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InDesign is good for this sort of thing. You can import a cover that you made in Photoshop or Illustrator as a photo if you want more fancy graphic options than InDesign allows (since InDesign is primarily for layout/text-based projects).
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Lulu is probably the obvious choice for having it printed, however you end up formatting the content itself. InDesign is great, but not the most intuitive program when you're new to it. Lulu (and I'm sure other companies like it, they're just the only one I've used personally) does accept InDesign-generated PDFs (well, any kind of PDF), but they also take Word files, or you can lay everything up online with one of their templates (some of which aren't aggressively awful).

I'm sure someone else can recommend or not recommend MagCloud or any of the other print-on-demand places.
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