Where can I find shoes I saw in the window?
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I was in Chicago this morning and saw an awesome pair of shoes in the window of Akira Men's on North Ave, that I would love to buy, but I don't live in Chicago and it doesn't look like they sell their men's clothing/shoes online. Where could I find these shoes?

I've never been to an Akira before so I don't know if it's all house brands, or if they sell a multitude of brands like Urban Outfitters which might mean these shoes are available elsewhere.

The shoes were high top "chukka" like shoes, all black with a teal sole.

(And if you're wondering why I didn't just buy them at the time, I was in a hurry and had already spent way too many dollars.)
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you can probably call the store itself and see if they'll sell and ship them to you. that's what i would do.
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Can you call the store, describe the shoe (tell them which window), and find out the manufacturer? Also, where are you located? (If you are outside the US maybe a helpful US mefite can save you the cost of the call.)
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definitely call. i've never known a shop who wouldn't charge send an item.
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Nthing call the store, but perhaps have them take a snapshot of the shoes & email you, just to make sure you're talking about the same pair, then pay by credit card and arrange to have them shipped.

If, for whatever reason, they have a policy prohibiting that, email or call the main customer service line shown here. Also, consider tweeting the Chicago location to show that you're social-media savvy and they may be more inclined to help.
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I live in Chicago and have an Akira nearby if the shipping thing doesn't work out.
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Akira sells shoes from different brands, so if you search around online, you maybe able to find the shoes you saw. You can contact Akira to see what brand and style they were. (You didn't by chance take a picture?)
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