Help me find a pair of jeans with a large zipper pull!
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Urgent birthday present vintage fashion help: Help me find a pair of jeans with a large zipper pull.

[Posted for a friend.] I'm looking for a pair of jeans my girlfriend used to wear in 2004, but I think she got them from a used/vintage clothing store. They're normal jeans, lighter wash, boot cut, back pockets, no frills on the lacing but the unique thing about these jeans is they had a VERY large metalic (maybe YKK) zipper pull. A good 3 to 4 inches long, an inch or two wide, and 1/4-1/2" thick. I would like to find these jeans, something similar, or a zipper pull replacement that would fit a normal YKK zipper slider that I can attach to a pair of jeans. I don't have a brand name.

I want to get them for her birthday in July so any help asap would be awesome. I would have to be able to purchase them in the Bay Area or online. Thank you everyone!
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I've never seen any pants of ANY kind with a huge zipper pull like that; is it possible that, since you say she got these jeans second-hand, that huge pull was something the previous owner added herself? Maybe you could do something like that: find a giant zipper pull (at a craft store? a fabric/sewing notions place?) and add them to a pair of jeans yourself.
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Your neighborhood shoe repair or any alterations place that takes coats can do this for you. They may have to replace the entire zipper of the jeans.
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