Self-stick velcro won't stick
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How can I make stick-on velcro strips stick to my ceramic bathroom sink?

I recently got a used sewing machine, and as my first project, I made a little 2-part skirt to attach with velcro to my bathroom sink. Our only bathroom is crazy tiny (maybe 6 ft. by 6 ft?), so small that mounting wall shelves for storage would be dangerous; anything, even shallow shelves, projecting from the walls would be a problem. The small ceramic sink is not a pedestal sink and not mounted in a vanity cabinet, but hangs from the wall with dead space and some pipes underneath. I'd like to use this space for storage. I thought a little skirt to hide the area, using stick-on velcro, would be a perfect solution. The curtain would get a decent amount of "use", being moved aside frequently as family-members reach underneath for various stored supplies, so it has to stick pretty well.

I made a light-weight cotton skirt and sewed velcro along the top edge. I then stuck the matching velcro strips along the sides of the sink and attached the skirt. But the velcro on the sink itself keeps coming off. Repeatedly. And each time it fails the bond gets weaker, until now it won't stay on at all for more than a few seconds. I had carefully cleaned the surface before mounting the velcro, so I don't think that was a problem. I assume the frequent humid conditions (2 adults and 2 teens bathing) add to the difficulties. Is there anything I can do to make the velcro stick? Or another method to hang the skirt? Oh, by the way, we live in a rental, so I can't make any permanent changes at all, like adding a vanity cabinet beneath the sink.
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3M hooks and loops sewn on the top of the curtain? See if the hooks will adhere well and then sew little ribbon loops on the curtain. You could sew more ribbon over the Velcro so you wouldn't have to rip it off.

I don't know if I'm picturing your sink right, but could the Velcro go under the sink? Like on the rough underside that doesn't show. If there's a surface like that, maybe the Velcro will stick better to a rough surface rather than to the smooth ceramic part. They also make sticky industrial Velcro. That stuff's hard to get off. (It's just at walmart or wherever.)

Or add some hooks on the wall to hold up most of the weight.
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I would try suction cups rather than velcro for something like that.
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The 3M Command adhesive products adhere well, if you follow the instructions when you first apply them, and they don't leave a mark.
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Actually, if you can use the 3m hooks, you can just make a bunch of buttonholes instead of loops if your sewing machine does buttonholes easily.
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Maybe hooks on the wall, one on each side of the sink at the level you want the skirt to go.

Have loops on the edges of the skirt to go over the hooks, and then put a casing with elastic at the top of your skirt so the tightly gathered elastic top stays up on the sink on its own.
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Super 77 dissolves with acetone, also known as nail polish remover. On a hard smooth surface like ceramic it'd be a breeze to take it off when you're moving out.
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Nothing sticks like contact cement. When the time come you can scrape it off but till then it'll hold on like there's no tomorrow so long as you follow the directions and let both sides dry before adhering.
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3M Command, definitely.
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