Use less paper, more automated, more awesome in our gamification
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Help us gamify/badgify our game! With all this gamification buzzwordiness out there, there's a nice white label solution, right?

We've got a competition. We've got a Salesforce backend.

We want to reward points, build a leader board and give badges to teams but not do it all manually through FormStack --> Salesforce --> Drupal --> website with lots of manual intervention like we've done in the past.

Do I need to hire a developer for this or is there an off-the-shelf solution I'm missing for some or all of this?

We're a nonprofit that works with high schoolers. We run a competition once a semester where students earn points by submitting projects via email. We enter that in Salesforce. Salesforce feeds to our smart little custom written leaderboard.

We also ask students to pledge to do something -- right now via paper or text and then we track it using Salesforce, but we're talking 300k pledges and doing it all manually -- and not rewarding them with points or badges for it, but just a "thanks you're great" email.

I want to make this better -- for us and the students.

Yes, I can ask one of our web (Drupal) or Salesforce consultants to help us build this out, but with all the hype around gamification, there has to be a white label solution out there, right?

All my Google searches have resulted in white label solutions that give people points for liking a Facebook post or are huge/custom/not in a nonprofit's budget.

Bonus points for mobile app support -- since we don't have any mobile app, but we are talking to high schoolers (about science and the environment), so being mobile appy would be huge.

Thanks in advance.
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I'm good friends with someone from Bunchball. Memail me if you want to make that connection.
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Possibly Badgeville?

iActionable is built for Salesforce integration....

these are not endorsements, just companies I picked up on while researching a recent paper that dealt some with gamification.
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