Things to do in Rogers, Arkansas area?
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Gong to Rogers/Fayetteville Arkansas area for the first time this weekend to check out the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Any recommendations on food and other attractions of interest?
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In Fayetteville, you'll find Dickson Street Bookshop, a grand old place literally packed to the rafters with books of every description. Whatever your interest is, you'll find it, though it may take some hunting. Which is half the fun, of course.
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I recommend you get a hotel in Fayetteville. Rogers and Bentonville are a bit thin in that department. Try eating at Hugo's in Fayetteville - its below street level, a real local gem. Also try the Greenhouse Grille for more local ambiance (i.e. everything is "sustainable"). Take a stroll around the University of Arkansas campus which is wonderfully free of students this time of year. See if anything interesting is going on at the Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville. If you're into that sort of thing then there a couple of Civil War battlefields nearby (in Pea Ridge, northeast of Rogers, and in Prairie Grove, west of Fayetteville).
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Should have checked preview - absolutely agree about Dickson Street Bookshop. It is fantastic.
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The whole area is beautiful if you're interested in driving around. Downtown Fayetteville is great for walking around, having some drinks, and enjoying the night. (Common Grounds for apps, coffee, and drinks) I could babble about food forever, but Hugo's, 36 Club, and Taste of Thai are probably my first three off the top of my head. Unless you wan't BBQ. Then it's Penguin Ed's, though they are not the only game in town.

Catch a show at Walton Arts Center? Or a movie at the 112 Drive In? Personal favorite, Devil's Den hiking trails. Been there in every season and it's always excellent.

Great. Homesick now AND hungry.
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Oh, and I have to nth the Dickson St Bookstore. I go back every time I'm in town. Looks tiny from the outside and you can lose a whole day inside.
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Rogers, Bentonville, Bella Vista, Springdale and Fayetteville all kind of blur together into the "Northwest Arkansas" area, which is where I grew up. Fayetteville is hands-down the place you'll probably want to spend most of your time. It's a fun, reasonably sized college town with good local shops and restaurants.

As mentioned before, the Dickson Street Bookstore is a gem. If you like Italian food, Pesto Cafe (off College Street) has some killer homemade dishes. I'm also seconding Common Grounds.

Downtown Bentonville (closer to the Crystal Bridges museum) has a few great restaurants that are relatively new, including Tusk & Trotter and Table Mesa. Club Frisco in Downtown Rogers is an excellent, low-key place to grab a drink.

Driving South of Fayetteville on 540, the terrain gets more mountainous, and it's absolutely beautiful. That might be taking you a bit out of your way, but it's worth it.
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I have to nth the suggestion for our glorious used bookstore.

Here's a pretty good roundup of food options. I'd also add a recommendation for Hammontree's. Yes, it's glorified grilled cheese sandwiches. The food is also all kinds of delicious.

Along with Dickson St., I recommend the Square and the little side streets just off of it. It captures the personality of the place in a quieter way than Dickson, I think.

I actually have plans to go to Crystal Bridges with my parents and kids tomorrow. This will be my third visit. Make sure to wear good shoes! The first time I went, I tried to see everything in 4 hours. Although it did give me a good overview, I feel like I rushed it and should've planned my time better. The second time, we got lucky and got to experience part of the Turrell Skyscape at sunset, which I believe is still currently available only on Wednesdays and Fridays. I hadn't known you have to make reservations, but there were some no-shows.

I work on the U of A campus, and while we are currently fairly free of students, they are doing a LOT of construction around campus. If half-finished buildings, cranes, and chain-link fences are your idea of a good time, come on by. Otherwise, I'd hold off on this trip.

Feel free to me-mail me next time you're in the area. This weekend, my schedule is full, unfortunately. But, with some notice, we'd be happy to meet up and show you around.
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