Bulk domain name checkers?
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What are the best online tools for checking domain name availability?

I'm looking mainly for "bulk" sites where you can type in a list of words and see in a single table which ones are available in which TLDs. Here's one example. I'd be particularly interested in one that automatically included domain hacks, e.g. if one of my words is "colors" then it'll check for colo.rs in addition to colors.com, colors.net, etc.

Note: this isn't for domain squatting or other nefarious purposes, I'm just going through lots of potential names for a product and want to check them all quickly without wading through all the "extras" and upselling on a typical registrar's site.

I also remember seeing one site that checked the availability of a username (not in bulk though) on dozens of different services at the same time. Does anyone know what that was?
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Username Check?
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I am partial to domai.nr.
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For checking usernames, I use one or more of the following:

- KnowEm (searches 25 services, 15 domain names, and registered trademark with one search -- not bulk).
- NameChk (searches 159 services, and a few domain names -- not bulk, results exportable).
- CheckUsernames (searches 160 services)
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The coolest domain name related tool I have found is Wordoid. It will help you to come up with a domain name which is free and which fulfils various criteria such as length, being readable in a given language and so on. I used it to generate a "can't believe it wasn't already taken" domain (and hence company) name which worked in both English and French.
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When I was at name.com we revamped the bulk name checker and even though I've left and it's a couple years on I still think it's one of the best ones out there. Powerful and quick.
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domize for me.
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