What's this book?
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What's this YA/children's book? A boy mysteriously arrives on earth somewhere like Tennesee or West Virginia. He can run fast and jump very far, heals quickly, gets along with animals and has no concept of violence, wars, etc. He's taken in by a family who also has children. Over time, they grow to love him and help him, while some neighbors are afraid of him and grow more and more violent. At the end of the book, his people are dancing in the hills/woods near a portal? and the boy invites the family that has taken care of him to return to his world with them. A few more details are after the jump.

At some point one of the suspicious neighbors throws a rock through the family's window with a warning.

There is a scene where the mother convinces the father that the boy is from another world or in the future because he doesn't know what war is, and it would take earth a million years to learn to be completely peaceful.

The boy gets along very well with the family's dog and possibly communicates with the dog.

The boy jumps over a creek, I think.

Some people shoot at the boy with their rifles. A sheriff or police officer may be involved. There is definitely a climactic final run to where the boy's people are waiting for him, an area that shins brightly in the night.

The "this boy is too innocent and awesome for our petty cruel world" theme was strong.

From what I remember of the writing it was probably written between 1960 and 1990. I think I read it between 1990 and 1995.
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Are you thinking of "The Girl Who
Slipped Through Time"?
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Best answer: yes finally! I know the answer to a book question. I have been waiting for this moment.

It's The Forgotten Door by Alexander Key. One of my favorite books as a kid.
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Response by poster: The Bean family! Yes! Thank you so much.
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I remember that book. So wonderful as a kid.
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haha! I was going to say that (except for a couple of details) your story sounds like Superman!
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Oh, my gosh. I almost asked this question a year ago before I managed to figure it out through extensive googling of random phrases - I remembered less than you did. I was all excited to answer, but I got beat to the punch. I just wanted to say that I did order it then (actually got it for Christmas), and the book is way better than I remembered. It made me cry. Interestingly, I originally read it about when you did :).
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