Help us save our coconut rice
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Recipe Rescue: Help us do something with this borked batch of coconut rice.

So we made this recipe for Coconut Rice (sans lemongrass) but instead of using a pot on the stove, we thought it would be brilliant to use our rice maker. It took two cycles to cook the rice to something that wasn't crunchy, and it does taste delicious, but it's pretty soupy and not really "rice-y" anymore.

So what can we do with about 4 cups of coconut rice? I would prefer to skew more towards the sweet rather than the savory, but any suggestions are welcome.

The rice is still warm in the ricer, but I don't think I want to cook anymore tonight, so any additions will be done to reheated rice tomorrow. The only things that are in/on the rice right now is coconut milk, water and rice. Assume that we can get most ingredients.

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Turn it into kheer!
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Update, I just double checked it and it looks like it is no longer soupy, but it is very coconutty :)
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Still kheer.
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Torta di riso

Start from "When the rice is cooled..."
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Coconut rice pudding.
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Congee. There are many, many recipes online for coconut congee.
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Mass batches of mango and sticky rice (a yummy, yummy Thai dessert).
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Oh and before you look at that recipe and look at your rice and think 'how on earth...?'

You've already got the rice made, and it's strongly coconut flavored. If it's sweet enough for you, just add sliced mango (please note that this is mango of the yellow type, not the green and red type that US folks typically see).

If it's not sweet enough, grab some coconut milk, maybe half a cup, and some sugar of whatever type, maybe a couple teaspoons, heat on the stove until well combined (perhaps ten minutes on medium-high) and pour over your coconut rice. Add sliced mango. Enjoy.

Future reference: the directions in the mango and sticky rice recipe for microwaving the rice? Totally work better than stovetop and you can be almost as lazy as with a rice cooker.
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