Vegan Gluten free Ensure?
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Is there a vegan, gluten-free equivalent to Ensure? If not, what would be a close recipe?
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30-second smoothie
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Vega One is gluten free
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"Recipients are either individuals unable to eat or experiencing undesirable weight loss, through age, infirmity or disease, or individuals like captives who are on a hunger strike, who are undergoing involuntary force-feeding."

I need it for reasons like this. It needs to be Ensure-like. Can't be a bunch of fruit and vegetable powder although that stuff is great. Thanks.
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That may work, Blazecock Pileon.
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There isn't a premade vegan oral nutritional supplement available in the US, as far as I know (and I have looked in the past, and a quick Google suggests that other people are looking). Nutricia products (available in the UK and Ireland) would fit the bill, apparently, but they don't do consumer ordering as far as I can tell. You could mix something like Vega One with the soy/almond/rice milk of your choice very easily (in less than 30 seconds).
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If it's caloric intake you're looking for, you could try experimenting with smoothies made with avocados, a bit of fruit (to make it tastier) and some plant-based protein powder so that there's lots of healthy fats and protein in the drink.
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If the 30-second smoothie looks good, I would also add some coconut oil to increase calories and healthy fat.
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"Boost Plus" from Nestle lists "Gluten Free" and "Lactose Free", but also lists "Milk Protein Concentrate" as one ingredient.
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On the food blog Anger Burger, she once came up with a recipe that I think sounds about right. I linked to the post in case you wanted some context, but the recipe itself is:

1 14oz. can of coconut milk
3 cups of milk (cow, soy, almond, as long as its full-fat)
7 heaping tablespoons of NutriBiotic Rice Protein powder
honey to taste

I would read the ingredients of the rice protein powder to be sure that it's gluten free, and you could substitute sugar for the honey.
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For a good vegan base to mix in stuff, I'd highly recommend hemp milk, especially the Living Harvest brand which tastes the best. It's vegan, gluten free, healthy- high in good fats and high in protein, calcium and vitamin D. Also hemp milk is a naturally complete source of protein/amino acids.

Also, I'd suggest mixing in coconut milk (canned kind) or an avocado to boost the healthy fats even more and make it a healthy high-calorie drink.

Personally, I'm recovering from undesirable weight loss myself, and hemp milk has been a huge help, ever since I found out I was allergic to milk/eggs/soy/wheat/nuts and had to change a lot of what I eat.
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