How to cycle better with less effort?
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As I get older and, perhaps, wiser, I'm looking for smarter ways to train for triathlons. I've had wonderful success with Chi Running and Terry Laughlin's Total Immersion swim program. Are there any similar programs for cycling? Thanks.
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Best answer: While it might vary depending on the triathlon length, you should look into HIIT or Tabata training for the cycling training. Since triathlon training can really eat into time, tabata intervals can really build your fitness quickly. I would still think you would want to get some bricks and a few longer rides in to get some miles in your legs, but for distances shorter than Ironman, I think it would be really helpful.
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Best answer: I hired a cycling coach and it was easily the best thing I could have done to be a better cyclist. Ideally you'd work with somebody in physical proximity so that you can interact in person and occasionally ride together, but distance coaching works too. There are a lot of coaching services, so look around and find somebody you can afford, you like, and who is qualified.
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Best answer: More mental than physical: six-time Ironman champion Mark Allen and Huichol shaman/healer/teacher Brant Secunda wrote a book together.
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