Looking for SIM vendors in Milan, Malpensa Airport
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Need help finding SIM card providers in the Milan / Malpensa airport.

As a follow up to this question, our VIP will be making a return trip this year. He has the USB device to tether already, but needs a new SIM card, as the old one is 2 years old by now, and likely deactivated.

This time around, we're specifically looking for a SIM card provider in the Milan / Malpensa airport, where he will not have to go out of his way to purchase one (i.e. - from his vacation home down into a village), and hopefully where they speak English. Google reveals some posts on travel forums that indicate a Vodaphone kiosk in the airport back in 2010, but I am unable to confirm that for 2012, or find if other carriers (such as TIM, the best bargain / choice) have a presence.

Are there any folks from Milan in the Hive Mind, or those who know the Malpensa airport, or a site in English that lists the stores in it?

Thank you!
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Malpensa Airport is some distance from Milan. The list of stores at the airport seems to lack telephone support stores. In Milan, there are a lot. Here is a link of Vodaphone stores in Milan.
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