The frat boy won, like they always do
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So, this was me. The company came apart, most of us either quit or were fired. I'm sans job, and freaking out; so, should I get an attorney and try to collect on my (still numb and painful) shoulder?

I've spent the lest four months trying to have a talk with the founder about direction, plans, etc. I finally got one and mentioned what had happened to me, and he said nothing and offered nothing.

The founder proved to be a bit more sinister than I anticipated. He essentially ceded the entire consultancy to the Frat Boy—which several of you alluded to or guessed. Then he started travelling all over the world to conferences, leaving all of us to be his piggy bank/to ride the consultancy down.

Several people resigned after payroll was a week late in March. A few of us decided we'd had it, and worked desperately to speak with the founder. We did, he said not to worry, and then fired us via email on a Saturday.

So, help? I depleted my savings moving here for this job and haven't been able to put anything back. I'm basically dead in the water until consulting gigs come on (I'm working on it) or I'm compensated for what happened (which I'm wondering about.) Bonus points: good lawyer in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater Virginia area? Thank you all.
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should I get an attorney and try to collect on my (still numb and painful) shoulder?

Quite frankly, I'm surprised you haven't filed a suit for assault already, so yes.
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You've got MeFi mail.
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Did you file a claim with workers compensation? This is an injury that happened while at a work function, I presume a required function at that.

Contact a lawyer.

Stop disclosing details of this incident online.
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Kinda poetic in it's own way, the asshat may have cost the company big bucks in the long run but may actually have provided you with a basis for a lawsuit.

My gut tells me to do several things here. First off, I'd anon this post pretty quick even though that may be a bit over-the-top scary, there's no harm in doing it. Then contact a lawyer and see what he thinks of things from a removed point of view. Next, if you haven't already, get your documentation in order. This means a report from the specialist and any other facts regarding when the pain showed up. Finally, I'd start collecting statement/affidavits from your other co-workers regarding the incident in question.
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First of all file a claim with Unemployement. You weren't fired, you were laid off. Do this yesterday.

Secondly, go to a lawyer who deals with workplace issues and tell him/her your story. A good lawyer will tell you if you have a case, and will take it on contingency.

Agree with others that you need to get everyone's numbers, emails and statements, ASAP, as folks will scatter to the winds in a hot hurry.
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Seconding filing for Unemployment.

And if your claim gets questioned or disputed otherwise held up, still do your mandatory Job Search and file your weekly claims every week. If they rule the dispute in your favor, you get UI for all the back weeks you filed claims for.
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