Where can I rent a tux near Winter Park, Colorado?
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My fiance and I have set a date and location! May 25, 2013 in Winter Park, Colorado! I need help finding and pricing places to rent a tux for the big day. The event is outdoors in the beautiful rocky mountains. I want a black tux with my groomsmen in Gray. We're looking for a place either in Denver or Winter Park because after the big wedding, her and I are flying out the next day for the honeymoon! Who rents Tuxes near Denver or Winter park? How much should I expect to pay for a rental? When should I start looking at rentals?
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As much as I hate to say these words: go with a national chain like Men's Wearhouse.

That way your groomsmen can get measured wherever they live, well in advance of the event; there's almost certainly a location nearby to any place big enough to have, say, a shopping mall; they will handle getting everything to your location so you don't have to worry about it; it's easy to have your best man drop stuff off for you the next day while you're flying away to honeymoon; and they actually do all right in the customer service department.

Your groomsmen should end up paying between $150 and $300 for standard-ish male wedding party kit, which is everything except underwear and socks (obviously) and boutineer.

When my brother got married, they offered to give him either a free tux rental or something like $400 off of a suit, as an incentive.
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Oh, and Congratulations!
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Yeah, national chains work well for this: I was able to get measured near home, then picked up an appropriately-sized tux from the rental location near the actual wedding, halfway across the country.

(I also feel obliged, though it does admittedly qualify as Not Answering, to suggest that you reconsider whether you really want to rent - I've almost never seen a rented suit or tux that actually looked great on any guy, and the rental prices are a huge chunk of a good entry-level suit purchase. Every time I see a $200 rental that doesn't really fit the groom because it weren't actually tailored - sleeves a little too long, pants that don't break quite right, jacket too loose - I think about my $400 suit that fits like a glove and makes me look amazing, and sigh.)
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This is the point where more traditionally-minded Europeans like me start rolling their eyes and severely tut-tutting: a tuxedo, aka dinner suit, is evening wear and as such unsuitable for a wedding, no matter what some of you Americans may think. Jeeves would tell you to get a morning coat. I'd just stick to a nice suit...
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Almost all weddings I've been to recently do suits, not tuxes.
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