Looking for a family doctor/pediatrician for newborn in downtown Toronto.
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Looking for a family doctor/pediatrician for newborn in downtown Toronto.

My daughter is 3 weeks old and I'm looking for a family doctor/pediatrician in downtown Toronto. Anyone know of any good doctors accepting newborn patients?

What I've tried so far:
-My doctor who saw me during pregnancy recommended me two names, they're not accepting new patients. She also won't take on my daughter as a patient.
-Found a very old list of GTA pediatricians online; none of the peds in the downtown area are accepting new patients.
-Tried calling Sick Kids to ask if they knew of pediatricians accepting new patients; they don't have that info. (???)
-General googling and calling names that come up, no luck.
-Yellowpages.ca is useless.
-So is using the doctor finder at cpso.on.ca

My partner would prefer to see someone that's nearby (no further north than Davisville) and where parking isn't impossible, so the doctor that I found at Yonge and Eglinton is out, and my family doctor (at Yonge and Richmond, where parking would be a challenge) is out. My partner doesn't think his GP would be good for our baby either.

Thanks for your help.
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I assume a pediatrician checked daughter out post-birth ?

The OB isn't a ped, so makes sense they wouldn't take on a baby. Bummer that their suggestions didn't turn up anything. Seems strange because OB should be seeing pregnant women all day long, so should be somewhat plugged into the pediatrics practices of the area.

Anything from the birthing hospital ?

Know any friends with small kids to ask ?

(This may be different in big city vs small town where I live - here, you're asked what practice you want for your baby pre-birth, and then the ped on call from that practice checks out baby post birth and while you're still in hospital, then schedules the 1 day, 1 week, 2 week checkups as part of your discharge. If big-city hospital has a ped that's hospital staff only, not seeing regular patients, might not work for you, but hospital might be a logical followup)
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Have you tried the Rusholme Clinic? That's where my folks took me when I was a sprout.

Granted, that was the 80s.
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Have you tried the Health Connect Service? Similar to the Doctor finder at CPSO but I had luck there finding one in my area.
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I found good recommendations from the parents of little ones at my church, and from the midwives at my birth center. Even if you gave birth in a hospital, try to find some midwifery practices to ask. Mine did all the research: they interviewed every doctor, to determine what their stance was on vaccinations, cosleeping, extended breastfeeding, circumcision, etc. That was REALLY useful.

If you can't find anyone to give you recommendations, maybe get together your own little list of questions, pick a few peds based on location, and see if you can get some answers from each then pick the one with the best answers?

Good luck!!
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Are you willing to go as far as Danforth & Broadview? My (and my 8-month-old daughter's) family doctor is located there, in the Albany Medical Clinic, and there is a Green P half a block away. They have doctors that are always taking new patients. (Unfortunately, our doctor is not taking new patients as far as I know).
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In Canada/Ontario you are not likely to have a pediatrician as a primary care doctor as they generally require a referal and are not providing the regular check ups/shots. I would suggest that adding the bub to your own GP is your best bet. I know parking is a pain but I suspect it will be easier than finding a new doctor given the current state of family doctor openings in the province. My own GP years ago mentioned that she was required to take any kids I might have even though her practice was full but was able to turn down my husband.

Congratulations on your newest addition!
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