I haven't yet even found the game.
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Where does one find game experiences similar to that in the movie The Game?

Are there pre-packaged scenarios like this, companies one can hire? What would one search for? What price ranges are involved?
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I know there was something on the blue about an 'acting company' that would set up an entire 24-hour 'performance' involving all the people and settings in a specific person's life, that reminded me of the movie; it wasn't paid, but on a raffle system I believe. Couldn't find it in search :(
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MangyCarface is talking about Odyssey Works, and they pick the "audience member" for their performances through a selection process involving interviews.
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I don't know of anything like this, but if I were to look, I'd start with the ARG community.
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As for live experiences, Sleep No More in NYC is the closest I've seen. Read one of the multitude of glowing reviews to get a feel. Not the same, but as close as you can likely get for under $80.
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"The Game" is supposedly the basis for movie.

Here and here are articles about it. There was an excellent article in Rolling Stone about a decade ago but I can't find it.

Here is a rundown of all of the clues in the 2002 game.
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Seconding spanishbombs that you look into ARGs. While most current ARGs don't have the insanely large budget that "The Game"-type antics would require, I think of that scene in the movie where he's walking through the airport and looking at everything with new eyes: the people he passes, that person picking up a phone, opening a briefcase... every event has the potential to be significant. THAT is what playing a good ARG can be like.
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The closest I've found was The Jejune Institute in San Francisco. It finished last year, but the people behind it are supposedly working on a new game. The upcoming Real Escape Game looks promising, though also only in San Francisco.

I also agree that you should look into ARG's. Though many of them have uneven quality and/or take place mostly on the Interwebs, they're trying to evolve into exactly what you're looking for. If you're willing to forgo an immersive story, perhaps a scavenger hunt (e.g. Watson Adventures) would also hit enough of the right notes.
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Check out this kickstarter for a new game they are working on...
It even sites "The Game" as a source of inspiration. :)

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