How can I save the audio from this streaming site?
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How can I save the audio from this streaming site?

How can I save the audio from this streaming site?

In particular:

I'd pay for this if I could, but I can't find a way to buy a copy. Ugh.
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I've used Audacity for this. There are some more specialized programs as well. Audiohijack works well on mac.
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Audiohijack continues to be awesome, seconding Winnemac.
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Audiohijack doesn't apply to this, but a program like Audacity does. You need to be able to pick "stereo mix" as a recording input. A number of laptops have the option, like mine, but others will only let you use a external mic, or the laptop mic. It comes down to the audio drivers provided with your computer. Just keep that in mind if it doesn't work out of the box. I've read of ways to get the stereo mix input working, but don't know where I could point you. :P
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There's a program called FRAPS, which is used to record games. It doesn't work without a game running in the background, or some other source that it can record (such as Skype), but if you can find a way past that hurdle (and if you want to shell out the ten bucks FRAPS costs), it oughta work.
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I use Total Recorder for recording just about everything online. The brilliant thing about Total Recorder is that it records anything. I have used it to grab audio from video files. I have used it to record audio from streaming video. Any audio that is processed by your PC is captured by Total Recorder. Looks like this is Windows only.

This is not free (it's $17.95). But you do get upgrades free for life. I've been getting free updates for about 10 years. Try the trial version (which seems to put beeps or some noise in the recording), to see how you get on with it.
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