Trying to get my stuff to NY from Finland!
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Shipping filter- Moving from Helsinki, Finland back to NY and struggling with getting my stuff shipped.

I am basically looking for the most economical way to get my stuff from one place to another. So far I've found that it's best to deal with someone local in Finland to pack and ship the stuff and then deal with a broker in NY to receive it. Well so far this combination is getting me up in the $7-10k range!

So first question is to find out if anybody has any recommendations on getting this accomplished for cheaper? Perhaps you had a good experience or know someone willing to help?

If I cannot find any solutions to ship my stuff over reasonably, I am going to look into other options. Perhaps breaking the shipment down to bare essentials and shipping them by a different means. Anyone have any thoughts or options doing this?

Basically I am looking for any information on how to get some items to NY relatively inexpensively as I am paying for all of this out of pocket. Thanks!

Details on the shipment:

Right now I have been getting quotes for FCL (Full container Load) meaning I will have my own 20ft container. Inside this container will be our home belongings, ie tables, chairs, kitchen stuffs, clothes etc. Also was planning on having my 2002 BMW R1150R (motorcycle) in it as well, but might sell it off in Finland.

The approx size was thought to be around 15cu meters (19cu yards) without the motorbike and I am able to reduce that amount significantly if I can't get a cheaper price.

So just reaching out for thoughts, advise from the MF community.
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It just cost me $3500 to air freight my belongings from Boston to southwest England, and I didn't ship any furniture or motorcycles. Your quote in the 7-10 range sounds completely reasonable based on my experience and what I've heard from other foreign and American ex-pats.

It'll be cheaper going ocean vs air freight but if you've got a full container to yourself, I think you'll be hitting a minimum cost there that you won't be able to get below. I think the only way you'll do that is to decide to skip the furniture and bike and just do personal belongings in a smaller volume.
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Sell most of your stuff in Finland. Pretty much everything is going to be much cheaper in US, so you'll save both hassle and money.

Bringing motor vehicles to US from Finland sounds especially uneconomical due to the high taxes in Finland unless it's some specialty bike. For vehicles double check if you can get it registered and insured in US.

Note: I still have unopened boxes somewhere from 13 years ago when I made the move.
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Alright, I guess I am not finding any cheaper options. Thanks for the responses guys, I will be doing a mixture of both. Selling non-critical and moving a smaller amount. BTW the bike is registered in the US already, I am just returning it home.
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