Bumped. Now what?
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What to do in Minneapolis / St. Paul for today? Starting right now.

I've just been bumped from my flight. Next one is in 7 hours.

Is there anything I should go and see or do that I can easily get to or form the MSP airport? Or something here at the airport I should go do?

I have a bit of work to do, lots of books to keep me occupied, etc. I'm more looking for an awesome MN experience, like a great food thing or thing to see or incredible shop.
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It's stupid easy to take the Light Rail train to the Mall of America (imho, just a mall, nothing really special) or into Downtown Minneapolis.
Maybe head downtown and take a walk along the river?
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take the light rail to downtown Minneapolis. walk to the river. sit on the Endless Bridge at the Guthrie, walk across the Stone Arch Bridge, and go to the Mill City Museum.
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yes! I was just visiting there, the train from the airport was $1.75 to downtown, and you could see this Mill City Museum, or take a walk around the river to mill city park, which was pretty and had lots of historical markers.
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Take the light rail downtown, get off at the metrodome and take a walk by the river and maybe visit the Mill City Museum.

There are plenty of restaurants in the area, especially if you head down to Nicollet Ave and there should be some food trucks roaming around too. I always bring my own lunch to work so I can't really recommend anyplace in particular.

Also, look at the US Bank Plaza Building (NW from the Metrodome) and wave. HI!
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You can also get the light rail to Minnehaha Falls, walk around the park and have lunch at Sea Salt.
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Thanks all! Headed for the light rail now.
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Next time you're stuck here make it an impromptu meetup, and do it on a weekend for christ's sake.
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Or memail the sort of mefites who love showing people around *hint*. Rail to stone arch / guthrie is correct answer though!
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Go check out the spoonbridge for sure! It's in the sculpture park downhill from the Guthrie.
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Mill City Museum is awesome, but it's closed on Mondays.
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