Where to burn a CD
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Where can I go to burn a CD? My laptop doesn't have a burner (or even a CD drive) nor do I want to buy one. I want to make one or two CDs from music I have on my ipod.

Does Best Buy or any stores have a station where I can simply plug in a USB or ipod and burn a CD? I did this at Starbucks several years ago.
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I don't know anything about stores having this as an option, but if I were in a similar situation, I would bring the USB and some blank CDs with me everywhere I go, and I would try and find someone who has a laptop that can burn CDs - and I'd ask them if they could help me out.
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Try the library? Library computers tend to be pretty locked-down to prevent anyone from installing anything nasty, but they should have CD drives and may have burning capability.
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Seconding your local public library.

If you just intend to burn some music CDs, any exterrnal usb cdwriter should do. They're a bit of a commodity item now, and I've been noticing them turn up at Goodwill. It might be easier to just get one.
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Try Fedex/Kinkos computer stations. I haven't burned CDs in them, but I've been there several times before and their computers are pretty up-to-date with the latest software etc.
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If a friend came to me and said, "Hey, my laptop doesn't have a CD drive; would you burn a CD for me?" I'd say "Sure, no problem," without a moment's hesitation.
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Hell, if you live near me I'll do it.
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I want to make one or two CDs from music I have on my ipod.

Are you wanting to create a CD directly from your iPod? If so...well...you can't very easily. You'll first need to offload the songs from the iPod onto whatever computer you find with a burner, a task which Apple doesn't exactly make easy. It can be done,

Your best bet would most definitely be to copy the songs from your laptop onto a USB drive and transport them to another computer.
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Oops...Please ignore that vestigial "It can be done," Twas an incomplete thought.
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If you find a computer with a CD burner, you can use free software like Sharepod to easily transfer the files you want from your iPod to the computer you're using. You can store Sharepod on the iPod itself or a USB stick.
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