Help me find this movie!
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How can I view or purchase the scifi TV movie Target Earth / Taken Away (1998)?

As the question states, I very much want to view or purchase the TV movie entitled Target Earth, otherwise known as Taken Away, which was released in 1998. IMDB

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Well some simple googling gives me:

Amazon UK lists a german seller of a used german DVD, for 100 pounds (!!!!). Ouch.

There is a download link on this page for downloading video, but right now I am not in a position to try it out. & it might be the 1954 version in spite of the description (?)

another page here with links, but again right now I can't try it.

I guess if you wanted to google more aggressively, and/or use other engines like millionshort or duckduckgo instead of google you might find something, if the above links are not viable.

PS I have no qualms posting download links for an OOP movie.
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