Must-have games?
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What are must-have games for the Nintendo 3DS? I already own a Nintendo DSi but I couldn't resist upgrading. I like games of all kinds, I just want to enjoy the 3DS to its fullest.

I purchased Kid Icarus: Uprising and Mario Kart 7 as my first two games. But, I want to know what others that I should consider adding to my collection.
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Any answer will of course depend on what kind of games you enjoy, but you should check out the MetaCritic list of highest scoring 3DS games.
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Response by poster: I know that there are many types of games: first person shooters, RPGs, adventure, etc. But still with any console/franchise you tend to see certain games being mentioned time and time again. 3DS is a little over a year old now, so was wondering what people have really been enjoying.
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Depending on if you've played the other games in the series, there's a Kingdom Hearts game coming out at the end of July for it.

It has me seriously considering buying a 3DS.

It's my understanding that there aren't many fantastic games for it, yet. That's one of the reasons that Nintendo lowered the price not too soon after they launched the handheld. Other news in the wind is that this year more bigger name/publisher/franchise games are coming to it.
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And oh hey, Tales of the Abyss is on that list that Mwongozi linked. I played it when it was on the PS2. I loved it. It's probably my second favorite Tales game. (My first being Tales of Vesperia. Which, if you own a Xbox360 and like RPGs, I seriously urge you to try.)
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Despite an underwhelming E3 this year, the reason I picked it up is because the games have improved. There are some fun Mario games coming out.

Some Marion franchise games I'm looking forward to later this year include: New Super Mario Bros. 2, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

Kingdom Hearts which you mentioned, & Epic Mickey are also looking like solid entries into this device.

Based on a few people who have answered this question on other forums I've posted at, I'm being told to pick up Starfox, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, & Super Mario 3D Land.

If anyone has played any of those I'd love to hear reviews of the 3D effects and gameplay.
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Best answer: I have a 3DS - among my small library I have Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 3D land. I hate to say it but I always play these games with the 3D turned all the way off or fairly far down. The 3D affect really makes my eyes tear up and frankly sometimes the games just look bad. The other people I know who have played the 3DS just feel the 3D out and out sucks, but mileage varies - I think you have to just figure out where the slider "looks" best to you.

Super Mario 3D Land is a lot fun but it's a fast game - this is my first handheld so maybe that's typical but even playing it intermittently I felt like the game was too short/stages were too fast, but some of them are really challenging. Ocarina of Time is a little different on the 3DS than N64 (has more "help" built in so you don't get stuck). Overall it looks amazing, even without the 3D turned all the way up, and it's a blast but it's definitely not 100% the same game nor is it the better use of 3D, in my opinion anyway.
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Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. Having only played Mario Kart 7, I don't have a lot of comparison for what works and what doesn't with the 3D aspect of gaming. I've been impressed thus far. It's pleasant at times, other times I've turned it down a bit because it wasn't doing too much. Going to play some Icarus later on this afternoon and I've been told that the 3D shines bright with that game, so I guess like anything it's up to the person who plays. Ocarina is arguably one of the finest games in all of gaming, at the very least it should be considered the finest in the Zelda franchise. So I'm looking forward to picking that one up at some point.
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Longtime Mario fan here. Super Mario 3D Land is stellar and worth the price of the 3DS. After you complete the first 8 levels, another 8 levels are unlocked.

In August, New Super Mario Brothers 2 hits the 3DS.

Super Street Fighter IV and Dead or Alive Dimensions are both excellent fighters that show off the 3D functionality nicely.
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Response by poster: The 3D seems at times gimicky, and while I admit that sometimes it's fun, why I really wanted it is because the games being offered are getting better and better. Not all of them utilize the 3D technology but they are now being paired up with the system. I doubt that this is accidental. Nintendo wants people to upgrade, to spend more money. I did.
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I was surprised by how good Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars was. It's not a shooter, it's a turn-based strategy game, sort of a bit like Final Fantasy Tactics. It doesn't do much with the 3D, though.

I'm probably in the minority here, but I have the most fun with the built-in StreetPass Find Mii game. It's a dead-simple RPG, but your party consists of other 3DS players you pass in the real world. You can only use each person once (well, once per meeting), so you're always looking for more people.
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One of the most commonly praised aspects of the Nintendo 3DS as well as Nintendo as of late is their ability to combine gameplay with social networking. They've made one on one battles as well as multiplayer games a key part of their device. I'm not a huge fan of that style of gameplay, I prefer to just solo through on my handhelds, but it's nice to know that the option to play with others is there. So I don't think you're entirely alone with regard to the StreetPass, social elements of the device.
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