Suggestions for fascinating video interviews?
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I've seen (practically) every video of Richard Feynman and Steve Jobs in existence. I am fascinated and learn something new every time I watch one. What else should I watch? Who else would I enjoy?
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I feel odd answering this because part of this answer is also driven by what topics you enjoy and your level of background for the respective field.

Nonetheless, as someone who searches for live (and online) lectures and if I enjoy it, watch it over and over again:

- Recent material on big bang research. This presentation in its entirety from the World Science Festival was absolutely incredible and brought together leaders in this field. More on this lecture here (click replay if you want to see it).

-If you like the above,then you probably would get a kick out of other science lectures from past World Science Festivals.These lectures in their entirely are on the cosmos, but look at the bar on that page and click on the mind,life, earth, or those topics if you find it more interesting.Same idea, big researchers in the field brought together to discuss topic X.

-Just throwing the names out of other people who I sometimes watch over and over again if I can find them: Carl Sagan (you can find some of his Cosmos series online,although it may be a bit dated.) Also Neil deGrasse Tyson.

-The Asimov Debates are also really interesting- they bring together researchers each year and the discuss topics. Just google asimov debates online and you should find stuff(I randomly found the last debate here).
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Without doubt the most interesting speaker I know of is writer David Milch, though he mostly talks about writing and art and the idea of being an artist. I've memorized his five 2007 hour-long lectures I've listened to them so many times.
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Daniel Dennett.
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Robert Sapolsky, a primatologist, neurobiologist, writer, teacher, stress expert, and a friend to baboons. I posted about him here; not everything is video, but there are quite a few on the list.
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Nathan Myhrvold and Grant Achatz, if you can work up any interest in food.
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I also came in to suggest Robert Sapolsky.
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Joseph Campbell. A bunch of his lectures/series are on Netflix and Youtube. He sorta hits me the same way Feynman does.
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Sam Harris.
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Robert Wright interviewing Daniel Dennett was a real hoot.
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And pretty much all of 60 Minutes is online through the CBS website. That's pretty much the original "interesting interviews" show.
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Buckminster Fuller is a compelling thinker, and fascinating speaker. A deep, beautiful mind.
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There's also the @Google talks, which are always pretty good.
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Do you already scour TED Talks?
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Connections with Jim Burke
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*James Burke
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