Crafting a momento from a hotel key card
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What would be a romantic keepsake (intended for my wife) that I could craft out of a plastic credit card-shaped hotel door key?
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You could cut it or tool it into a shape (heart?) and punch a hole and put a metal ring in it, intended as a keychain.
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I was going to say key chain, too, so instead I'll say Christmas ornament (if you do Christmas, that is.)
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The fist thing that comes to mind is a bookmark like this.
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Credit card bracelet
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I hear there's a kind of hole punch that makes guitar picks that would do the first suggestion nicely. Cost a fair amount for one punch, though.
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I love the keychain/charm idea. Might be even nicer if you make one from it for her and one for yourself (keep them small!) and start carrying yours right away. It'd also be cool to paint or laminate one side of it with super-phosphorescent glow-in-the-dark material (like this)... even more practical that way, and I'll leave the specific romantic metaphor about your burning love up to you!
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Consider keeping it as is...

I keep a (lost then found) hotel key from a notable vacation a few years back on my nightstand. When I'm particularly stressed I pick it up and pretend for a bit that I'm still on vacation.

From a romantic point of view it seems it would work best the same way. Don't chop it up.
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Response by poster: great stuff everyone, thanks. keep em coming.
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My first thought was to cut it into a traditional key shape and heart shape, one for each of you. Too cheesy?
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I think the Christmas ornament idea is sweet. Christmas, the end of the year, is the best time to recall your history and to reflect. This, this, recalls our love. In a busy world, it is good to have tangible proof of devotion.
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Instead of a keychain, I'd frame it. (Cut or whole.)
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Earphone holder- there are probably other designs you can find on the internets of varying cuteness...
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I don't know how important is tis to keep the shape of the card, but depending on that, and the design of the cardyou could try making a pair of earrings out of it
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Would you happen to have TWO of the cards? If yes, how about a photo frame, with a special picture from that trip: one card, whole, as the backing; the other card with the center cut out to make an exterior frame; sandwich the photo between the two cards. You could either punch a hole in the top of the finished assemblage to thread a pretty ribbon through to make it a Christmas ornament, or use the removed section of the top/frame card to construct a prop on the rear and make it a free-standing picture frame.
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How about a "pop-up" type art thingy? You carefully cut a sillohette of two lovers, or whatever would be appropriate for the two of you, not cutting out the base edge. You apply heat at the bottom edge and bend it up, so the "waste" around the edges forms a stand for it.
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Check out Tatty Devine for plastic jewellery inspiration. But, +1 leaving it intact and framing or some such.
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Simple idea but what if you wrote a quote or a romantic line of poetry on it plus the dates of your stay? I would think you could sharpie it and a note or some text but leaving as is would be neat.

You could also take a piece of card stock larger than the key, cut diagonal slits for the key to sit in (like a cheap picture frame) and write a note on the card stock, covering the surface of the key as well. But plan well enough that the key itself contains a message in and of itself.

Where the brackets denote the key, here is a poor illustration of what I mean:

Honey [you are] beautiful
and [the one] I love to spend time with.
I can say [I love] you everyday.
Etc etc etc
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