Convert Postscript Type 1 font to TrueType for free?
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FontFilter: Convert Postscript Type 1 font to TrueType for free?

I own an expensive Type 1 font (Gotham), but need a TrueType version. Is there a way to convert it for free, or will I need to purchase TransType?

I am a web developer and will be using Stewart Rosenberger's fantastic Dynamic Text Replacement technique to allow a Content Mananagment System to control graphical headlines--while retaining SEO value and screenreader-friendliness: it's a great idea. The designer for the project has designed the layout (and corporate ID) to use Gotham, and the client has purchased it as postscript, but the php-driven script that generates the graphics requires a TrueType font.

I don't have the $200 to repurchase the font in the proper format, and the client understandably doesn't want to spend addtional money on the font he already owns. Any ideas?
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Doodly doodly doo... That should do the trick, if you can get it to run. :-D
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Response by poster: Thanks but *yipes,* no kidding if I can get it to run; I'm on Windows, and would need to set up a whole pseudo unix environment. Anything less painful out there?

Sorry, should have specified I'm running Windows.
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as an aside, i toyed with using this same dynamic text replacement technique and was pretty disappointed with it. the text would show up as normal text for a few seconds before it was replaced by an image. i use this plugin for wordpress that does the job much better. i know there are similar options for other blog packages/CMSs and i would definitely suggest exploring those.
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Best answer: Have you thought of using IFR, instead?
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You should also talk to Hoefler and see if this is even legal. The EULA may not allow this type of publishing / embedding, nor may it allow the font to be converted to another format. I would seriously suggest contacting Hoefler & Frere Jones before spending much more time on this, just to make sure you're even allowed to do what you want with the license you have.
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Response by poster: Well, perhaps I marked best answer too soon. While IFR works great, it's killing my dhtml menus.

Anybody with FontForge or TransType installed feeling particularly generous with their time today?
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The same library (GD) that is normally used with PHP to render things with TrueType fonts also has Type 1 support if properly compiled. I suggest that you modify the PHP script to work with T1 fonts rather than trying to convert the font.

And PLEASE for the love of god don't use Flash for this! Those of us that block or otherwise just despise flash will ignore your site and cast you into that pile of clueless web designers that don't know what they're doing.
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I'm with Luriete. Just because you've bought a license for the typeface doesn't mean you can muck about with its format. Your only hope may be to create static graphics and have done with it.
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If you talk to Jon, you may find that he's willing to give you a truetype version – that is, if your license covers this type of use. However, I would very quickly talk to him about this before you proceed, as I'd be quite concerned that you are violating the EULA and he would probably be within his rights and the letter of the agreement to rescind your license if you were.
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