Name for roller blade wheel bolts?
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What are the bolts in roller blade wheels called? The long ones where the bolt screws all the way into the other part. I need the specific type so I can find a smaller version for a different project. I just have no idea how to search for this.
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Best answer: Perhaps you are looking for something like binding posts or shoulder screws.
posted by Behemoth at 1:44 PM on June 9, 2012

Based on these Rollerblade parts, it does appear to be the axles you are looking for, which do resemble the binding posts mentioned above.
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I also see those ("Chicago screws"?) made out of much lighter material and used for, e.g., binding paper. I'm sure those wouldn't last very long if used as a rollerblade axle, though, so maybe you need a more specific name.
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Sex bolts and mating screws!
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They are called sex bolts, of all the possible names they could have chosen.
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Response by poster: Brilliant! Binding Posts it is!! Thanks loads!!!
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