Play video from a computer to an iPad?
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I'm looking for an app to play video/audio that is stored on my Mac desktop to my ipad, while on my apartment's wireless network. I do not need to access these files from the outside world, but I do need to be able to run the files without being in front of my desktop. I'm looking for something besides using the iTunes sync function to load the video onto the iPad. Recommendations?
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Air Video will do this for you. Universal app, handles conversion in a queue or on the fly, very reliable.
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Here's a link to their site. You'll need to install a small server app on your Mac to provide access, but it's lightweight and I've never seen it bog down our iMac.
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I haven't used Air Video for iPad but on my iPod it's (serving from an iMac) a great app, stable and so useful...
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Plex can do this as well, but it may be overkill. It is really a full media center.
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I use Air Video. The Boxee app will do this too, and it is free.
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If your media is already in iTunes you don't need any additional software. You just need to activate the home sharing option in iTunes and enter the same user/pass info in the settings app in your iPad and you'll get an option to browse all your iTunes library directly on the ipad video/music apps without any need for syncing. I watch movies this way all the time.
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If it isn't (your media in iTunes) or if you want to stream from an external network then both airplayit hd and air video work fine. I can't remember why but airplayit is the one I currently have installed.
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I found VLC Streamer superior to Air Video when I did this late last year. I found both solutions unacceptable.
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