Oven broke, why?
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Why are both my ovens all of a sudden tripping their breakers?

The ovens are each on their own circuit, and do not share any conduit. They are Blodgettes, model EZE-1. 11kw, 3phase, 27 amps. Nothing else is tripping, but these are the only 3-phase units in my shop.
the top one starting tripping this morning, so we stopped using it, but a few hours later the bottom one started doing it. It's Saturday so my electrician is not available.

A new circuit has just been added, though it is currently switched off and has not yet been used.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

(note: no need to warn me about the dangers of this much juice, i stay far away from the insides of these things)
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A new circuit has just been added, though it is currently switched off and has not yet been used.

If it is two different ovens on two different existing circuits - then this seems the suspicious element. It is possible that something got shifted/rubbed or otherwise disrupted in the panel while this work was happening.
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Loose connection or bad contact somewhere, possibly. First place I'd look is near where the new work was done. Are they aluminum wires? Insufficient/no Noalox on the terminal ends? A fastener somewhere has breached the runs to the ovens?

Is there a line attached to the new circuit? Where does it lead?
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A guess: You've had one leg drop out (hard to say whether that is related to new circuit but it is fairly coincidental) and the extra loading on the other two legs is causing the breakers to trip. By freaky luck the new load is right in the knee of the breaker's response curve which would explain the slow intermittentance of the tripping. Sadly not much you can do if that is the case; you'd have to remedy the dropped leg and it could be anywhere.
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