How do I get email to an outside domain to my Exchange server?
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How can I redirect all email coming to one domain to an Exchange server in another domain?

This should be easy, but isn't proving to be. My employer has an Exchange 2007 server which sends and receives mail under our domain name (say, We also have a domain under the name of a new product, which we are close to making live for online sales (call it

The marketing people want to make all correspondence regarding this product to have the address, both incoming and outgoing. So, email addressed to (say, should be delivered to a mailbox on our Exchange server, I have set the MX record in our domain manager at GoDaddy to deliver email to the Exchange server ( I have made an accepted domain on the Exchange server, but messages sent to reject, saying "550 550 No such domain at this location."

Much Googling has left me with nothing definitive on how to do this... all I find are hints that it is indeed doable.
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Have you edited your Exchange server's E-mail Address Policy settings to ensure there's a policy associated with the new domain?
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Response by poster: Yes, I have, and it didn't seem to make any difference. Perhaps I'm being dense, but I don't understand what the next step beyond this is.
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Really, those are the three steps: configure the domain as authoritative/accepted in Exchange, configure E-mail Address Policy settings and then set up MX records.

If you MeMail me with the new/unworking and old/working domain names, I can take a look at the MX records to ensure that the configuration is correct.

Also, have you tried manually adding an e-mail address with the new domain to a test user's mailbox? Does that work, and if not, how does it error out?
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