Need a skype recorder recommendation
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Need a recommendation for a Skype recorder for Windows 7. PowerGrammo seems to no longer be supported, Pamela is buggy as hell, and the free MP3 recorder for Skype cuts out. Details inside

the big thing I need is stereo recording, where it records me on one channel and the other side of the call on a separate channel. All the ones I listed above do that, but none are "ready for prime time". PowerGrammo used to work well but they seem to no longer update the software for new versions of Skype. The Free MP3 recorder is good, but when people talk on the remote side the local side cuts out for reasons I can't understand, and the quality just isn't what I want. Pamela seems to offer that but more often than not it tells me I'm not on a call.

Are you using something else that works well for you?
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PrettyMay Call Recorder hasn't failed me yet. The free version will let you record 15 minutes at a pop I believe.
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I've been using Pamela quite a bit lately, and it's never displayed the problem you mention. But I'm using the paid "Professional" version (because I needed to record calls longer than 15 minutes); so I don't know if the free version acts differently. I did some looking around before buying Pamela and didn't find much of anything worthwhile as far as free programs, unfortunately; though checking on CNET just now I did see MX Skype Recorder, G-Recorder, and Tapur available, all of which got a better user rating than Pamela. Maybe one of them will work better for you (I haven't tried them). I also noticed that others have had problems with Pamela as well, and the only "fix" anyone found was to uninstall, reboot, and reinstall.
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I use Total Recorder for recording just about everything online. They have a tutorial for recording Skype calls.

The brilliant thing about Total Recorder is that it records anything. I have used it to grab audio from video files. I have used it to record audio from streaming video. Any audio that is processed by your PC is captured by Total Recorder.

This is not free (it's $17.95). But you do get upgrades free for life. I've been getting free updates for about 10 years. Try the trial version (which seems to put beeps or some noise in the recording), to see how you get on with it.
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