Smoothing creased foamcoare
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Bought a piece of art (yay!) at a festival, and it got slightly damaged before I could get it home (boo!). It's a print on foamcore, 9x12", with no framing, and now it has a single, not-quite-straight crease across the back. No damage is visible from the front, except that the surface isn't flat. What's my best solution for flattening it out before framing?
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I wouldn't do anything because the pressure of a frame will probably be enough to flatten it so it doesn't show from the front.
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In the process of checking to see if it would bow out in the center when held by the edges, I discovered a joyous thing: It's not mounted on foamcare; it simply has a cut-to-size piece behind it for safety.

The print itself is unharmed. Yay!
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That's excellent, and lucky! For the record, mounting on foamcore (dry mounting) is bad for the art, so I don't suggest doing it.
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Yeah, it was just there to keep it safe on the trip home... but I couldn't see that it was unattached while it was all plastic-wrapped.
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