What hatched from this thing's belly button?
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What strange sci-fi movie or show am I sort-of remembering from ~20-22 years ago featuring a woman giving birth to an egg through her belly button?

My uncle was the best. My parents were pretty religious and wouldn't let me watch The Simpsons or sci-fi growing up. But when I visited my uncle and my cousin, all bets were off with TV! I remember one show where there was a female woman/alien species who gave birth by a long rope-like thing coming out of her belly button. The woman pushed and pushed, and a white (I think) egg popped out and hatched. That's all I remember, because the show was even too weird for my uncle and he changed the channel.

I think it was about 20 years ago, it was on TV (not sure if they had cable) the same night as The Simpsons (or a Simpsons rerun) in the evening. I'm thinking it could have been anything from a Star Trek episode to a made-for TV movie.

Any ideas? Thanks, guys! Sorry I don't have more to go on.
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Possibly this scene from V?
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Response by poster: That's not it, but helped me know a few more details to add. I remember the scene being outside, maybe in a desert setting with orange rocks (I think). I remember thinking it looked kind of old/cheesy, but I'm not sure about that. But the female gave birth outside, not in a clinical setting.
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Best answer: It sounds a lot like the pod scene from Alien Nation (which was on Fox about twenty years ago).
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Best answer: Definitely Alien Nation. It aired on the same night as The Simpsons, if I'm not mistaken.
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Distant possibility, The Brood. A movie I saw in the Bahamas, of all the crazy places. Left me pretty scarred, though id shown on t.v. might have been milder
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see this around the 1:50 point
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Perhaps it was existenz?

Although in that case, not eggs, and the "belly button" would be in their backs... But it does fit the "turn it off, too weird/gross" idea. :)
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Response by poster: Thank you guys!! It was Alien Nation. Weird what we remember as kids, and what we don't. Small mystery of my childhood solved!
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