best drive to southern portugal?
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Looking for suggestions on must sees as we drive from Lisbon, Portugal to Sagres, Portugal next week. We aren't committed to either the highway further inland or the coastline. Suggestions?

Any other must dos in the Algarve would be appreciated.

Planning on Sintra and Obidos so if there is any suggestions there too, that would be great.

Restaurant suggestions welcome!

Thanks in advance
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Wait? So is the drive actually down from Obidos, not Lisbon.

Because the coastal drive from Obidos south to Sintra is quite nice too. There's a nice fish restaurant in Azenhas do Mar.
In Obidos, if you're staying at the castle, ask for room #203.
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Regardless, many people would consider Evora a must-see. It's an ancient city with medieval walls with a Roman temple. Its also got a cool ossuary, if you're into that.

It is also the heart of the Alentejo region of Portugal, probably my favorite region for its cute little towns and hearty cuisine.
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There isn't that much to see on the coast (but there is even less inland) unless you are looking for really nice, secluded, clean beaches and wonderful landscapes. The few towns you'll go by are cute.

I personally love taking the ferry from Setubal rather than going around through Alcacer. The dolphins are back and you might be lucky to have them escort you to Troia.

In Troia, or rather, in the only road out of Troia you go by the roman ruins of a fishing processing plant which have reopened after having been closed for years and are pretty cool.

And if you want more roman ruins even, the ones in Santiago further down South are pretty good too.

The coastal route is great for fish and seafood restaurants. I'd go to Trinca Espinhas in Sao Torpes if I were you. Other quaint places on the way: Tasca do Celso in Milfontes, Barca in Zambujeira.

Best seafood is in Vila do Bispo, Cafe Correia. Barnacles. If you've never had them, you should try.

Make sure you are not going at the same time as the summer festivals or you might get caught up in traffic.
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