Dermatologist in Bellevue/Seattle area on short notice?
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Looking for a dermatologist for acne treatment in the Bellevue/Seattle area that could see me--a college student here for the summer--quickly... any hope!?

I've looked at this previous question, but there weren't many reccomendations and most seem out of date now.

I'm looking to see a dermatologist within the next couple weeks (for acne), if possible. I have absolutely no history seeing doctors here (from the east coast) but have pretty good insurance on my family's plan. Is this feasible?

Also, I live and work in Bellevue but can travel elsewhere and have pretty flexible hours. A combination of a) a docotor you know/have heard good things about and b) would actuallly be able to see me before next February would be amazing!

Thanks a ton!
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I've had good luck with the Polyclinic. They have locations in First Hill (Seattle) and right in downtown Seattle.

My personal GP is Dr. Milah Frownfelter; you might have to see her first for a recommendation to a specialist, but when I had to see a Gastro specialist, she referred me to someone in Polyclinic, and I was the specialist's office about two weeks later.

Dr. Frownfelter herself is also really good, and she may be able to help you with your acne issues without having to involve a specialist. Her office is in downtown Seattle, on 6th and Olive.
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I see Dr. Lawlor who is super awesome and usually not too hard to get an appointment with (he's on the west side, though, near UW). His # is 206.525.1168.
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Seconding Dr. Lawlor's office, Seattle Skin & Laser. Efficient, friendly, and effective treatments for all of your scaly, itchy, or oily skin needs.
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