How can I find out what's causing intermittent HDMI signal loss between my desktop computer and my monitor ?
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I have been having intermittent HDMI signal loss and it is beginning to get worse. Does someone know how to find out what's causing the problem [computer: hardware or software, monitor, or HDMI cable] ?

I have a desktop computer (HP Pavilion with Nvidia Geforce 530) with an HD monitor (iiyama XB2374HDS), both relatively new (Christmas or so).
I have been having intermittent HDMI signal loss and it is beginning to get worse. At first I thought it was a problem with energy settings on my computer or graphics card, as the monitor wouldn't get any signal after getting back from sleep mode, or after being turned off because I hadn't used the computer for a while.
But now it sometimes loses the signal anytime, when I'm typing, and even rebooting the computer doesn't always do the trick.
Sometimes, but not always, moving the cables around gets the image back.

Does someone know how to find out what's causing the problem ? Is it:
* hardware problem with the motherboard or graphics card or something ?
* drivers problem ?
* monitor ?
* hdmi cable ?

I don't have another cable on hand to try, and as it doesn't always happen anyway I wouldn't be sure of anything (unless the problem occurs which would tell me it isn't the cable).

Thanks !
posted by nalf to Computers & Internet (8 answers total) sells hdmi cables for six bucks. I'd suggest starting with that, as it's the least invasive thing to test.
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Yeah given that HDMI cables are so cheap (or free if you borrow one), that's the first thing I'd check.
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When the monitor loses signal, does it say "no signal" or something like that? Or does the screen just go blank?
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Try connecting either the monitor to a different device (friend's laptop, DVD player...) or the computer to a different HDMI screen. That'll help narrow down which of them is the problem.
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If the image is turning grainy and "interlacy", then it sounds like the the cord (or one of your ports).
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I had a defective HDMI cable. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. Sometimes I got audio only (IIRC). It was really weird, and at first I thought it was something (anything) else. Try replacing the cable. If that doesn't work, isolate each part.
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Replace the cable, then try the computer with a different monitor, and the monitor with a different computer if that doesn't work.
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HDMI is a crappy connector. It's entirely possible a socket has failed, either on the PC or the monitor. But a simple check would be to pickup a new HDMI cable. Just make sure you get the proper length and support it. Since there's no screw-down strain relief on HDMI connections a cable that's too long might lead to excessive weight pulling on the connection. Too short and you're looking at issues with it getting pulled out. is a great source for them. If it's short then you don't need to go with their higher quality, heavier gauge cables.
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