Great old lenses on Canon EOS mount?
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John Carey uses an old Olympus 55mm 1.8 lens on his Canon 5D with beautiful results. Which other similar old lenses have you found great on a Canon EOS mount?
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Leica R (not M, you rangefinder people are out of luck) works nicely when used with an EF mount adapter. Fred Miranda has over a hundred pages of these lenses. Don't forget to check the massive Leica to Canon compatibility chart before buying.
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Pentax Super-Takumar 50mm f1.4 -- Very dreamy, warm, great for portraits- easy-to-find lens at garage sales, etc.

Carl Zeiss Jena Flektagon 35mm f2.4 -- Great sharp lens, good for macro too

I find using vintage glass very rewarding. I am so much better at manual focus now. Old lenses work especially well for video, if you are into that.
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I use tons of older glass on my 5D Mark 2. The oly 50/18 is nice, but the 1.4 is even better.
Also, pick up some Mamiya glass for the m645. It looks amazing on a full-frame EOS body. Cheap too.

Here's some links to ones I did.
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the blog of a friend of mine where he talks frequently about "old glass" on Canon cameras (7D in his case).
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Seconding the Super-Takumar 50 1.4. Fantastic lens, but wide-open not the easiest to focus on my 30D. But the bokeh is awesome, and the ageing on the glass will give your shots a unique look.

These were all shot with the Super-Takumar and you can see some where I just missed being in focus:
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Forgot to add - look for adapters with focus confirmation. You're still focusing manually, but the focus indicator lights in your viewfinder will still work. The cheapest adapters don't have this function.
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I had an 80mm mamiya 645 lens I used with an adapter on my 5D... it was awesome... I wish I had kept it.
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I have tried a Helios-44 and a Helios 44m 58mm f2 on an EOS Rebel with a M42 threaded mount with AF confirmation chip. These have swirly bokeh and there are a few models out there with 6 or 8 bladed apertures. They can be gotten for really cheap prices.
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Thanks everyone for all the awesome answers and pictures!

jepler, that blog is very useful!
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Nikkor/Nikon pre-AI, AI glass is great for the money and works great on EOS (fully manual with adapter).
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