Business Thank You Gifts and Gestures
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Business Thank you Gifts, what's too much? what's just enough?

When doing business, or just in our day to day, people do you favours that make a big difference for you. Short of the typical flowers and cards (can be too expensive, and sometimes men don't really care for them), what are some of the successful thank you gifts you've received/given that were thoughtful gestures?

Budget depends on the size of the favour and the size of your wallet of course.
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In the businesses, I have been in, favors were collected to be called in at a future date. They probably don't want gifts now, they want consideration at a future date.
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I believe, for tax deductions, there is a $25 limit per person. Or maybe it per time. I realize sometimes it's worth it to spend more, but it's still something to consider.
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Some companies have season passes/loge seats for for area arenas/stadiums. They may give tickets for an upcoming event.

I've personally witnessed the handing out of Dell DJ mp3 players as "Thank You"s to members of a large project team. I've also seen a nice watch given as a thank you.
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Food and drink are always popular choices - they're personal without being overly personal. Gift baskets, chocolates, bottles of wine, etc. They come in many price ranges, as well, so that helps.
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6:1 is correct; a lot of companies and most government entitities won't let employees accept gifts worth more than $25. That said, a sales guy recently sent me a $25 Starbucks card, which was very nice.
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Something small but made by the person him/herself is always welcome. I tend to give people mix CDs I've assembled (I work in the music business, and other music-type people always like those), or sometimes a book I think they'd like. Worst comes to worst, everybody likes a little Moleskine notebook.
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Card, no flowers. Handwritten.
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