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Today I acquired a Kindle 4. Yay! Now I have 400+ books I'd like to donate. I'd give them to the library but I know they regularly have clear-outs, and I'd like the donation to help as much as it possibly can to people who need it the most. Any ideas where they should go? I am in the Vancouver BC area.

Schools? Prisons? Old Folk's Homes? Any suggestions welcome.
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Is there a veterans home/hospital near you? My boyfriend works for for a VA hospital in the US and they have a library there. They're always happy to get our castoff books.
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I send most of my books to Goodwill, particularly if they are popular novels. Goodwill will a) sell them to people who may not otherwise be able to afford them and b) use the money to help unemployed people.

Frontier College (a literacy organization) also accepts donations of books, but it looks like they are mostly looking for childrens/youth books.

If you have academically inclined books, you may want to find out if your local universities do any book sales to raise money.
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At the risk of sounding selfish ... KEEP THE BOOKS! I too gave away a lot of my books at one point, and periodically regret doing so. There is something magical about shelves of books in a house.
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Hospitals, rehabs, any kind of inpatient facility probably has a library.

However - I second Nightman. At least wait until the Kindle glow wears off before you toss your entire library.
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You can send them overseas to Afghanistan or Iraq. It's my understanding that boredom is horrible in them there parts and your books will be very welcome.
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Carnegie Centre . They have an easier loan system - for people who can't use a city library, and they do weekly book give-a-ways.
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I always donate my books to the library... they don't put them in circulation (I'm not sure it's even legal for them to do so; I think they have a different sort of contract with publishers). They sell them at semi-annual book sales. I feel good that I'm helping them to make some money, and if the books aren't exactly going to the neediest people, they are going to people who want them.
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