Resale value of iMac?
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What's the best way to determine the value of a used iMac?

I have a 27" iMac, 2.93 ghz quadcore with 16 gb of Crucial RAM that I co-own with a business partner. What is the best way to determine the current value of this asset, for purposes of one of us buying the other one out of it?
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Price similar machines on ebay an craigslist.
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Or check out prices at some of the used mac resellers, like smalldog. (Note that smalldog doesn't have that model used right now.)
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Completed eBay listings.
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Or try this site to search all national listings on Craigslist.
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There are sites that try to answer this question for you. One is
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I'll nth eBay of craigslist. It's sort of like the Blue Book for everything else in life.
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nthing Completed eBay listings as well. The problem with looking at open eBay listings and CL is that many times the sellers are asking for more than the item will sell for, so you will get an inflated notion of the "value" of the item.
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Here is a close match to what you are selling from Pricenomics: Modal value $1,274 in a range from about $1,000 to €1,500.
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You could also check Gazelle which will give you a very bad price, but a dead-easy sale. Note that price is probably going to drop significantly in a couple of days. New iMacs are a near certainty at WWDC.
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Nthing the people who note the important distinction between current and completed eBay auctions.

Also, if the RAM is the only upgrade, it might make more sense to price the stock computer and the RAM separately.
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