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Apostrophe help: System's' Anlaysis. Wiki does not have one, and neither does this page. Talk page says it should, but it shouldn't. Brethower (big name in the field) doesn't use one. I'm writing a resume for employers who maybe-do, maybe-don't have familiarity with the field. Should I say "System's Analysis," "Systems' Analysis," or "Systems Analysis?"
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Systems Analysis.
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It's the Analysis of Systems, so its Systems Analysis.

It could get an apostrophe if it was the Analysis that one System produced (possessive), but never that weirdo 's' lash-up.
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I'd agree with wenestvedt. You could conceivably discuss the System Analyst's Analysis, but not the System's Analysis.
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Also, your uncertainty appears to stem from a single comment on Wikipedia, which is then rebutted by someone who also misses the point. It's generally good practice to ignore random dudes on the Internet making odd pronouncements about apostrophes.
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Systems Analysis. I think the reasoning on the Talk page is crazy.
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If the System were doing the analyzing, then you could say System's Analysis. But since you are analyzing systems, it's Systems Analysis.
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Systems Analysis: the analysis of a system.

System's Analysis: the analysis by a system.

Systems' Analysis: the analysis by the systems.

All are correct; each means something different. Only the first is a real thing, as far as I'm aware, but if the "credit analysis system" generated a report, you might title a discussion of the output as "system's analysis" or something. It's just context.
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Thanks everyone!
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Systems analysis.
Like chemical analysis (not chemical's) and weather report (not weather's).
Yes, that Talk Page is a mess.
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Are you a Systems Analyst? That is how we typically see it on resumes. You analyze multiple systems so the word is plural and not not possessive.

If you are stuck on analysis, it would by a System Analysis.
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