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Russian - What Does This Say?

What does the wording on this package say?
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Pamir purified
Hot Balsam

For symptoms of bone fractures, sprains, burns, wounds, eczema, hooves? illnesses of the something, liver, stomach ulcer, something, thrombophlebitis, haemorrhoids, alveolysis, otitis, insult, exposure, etc.
Unlimited shelf life
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Thank you <3
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BTW - could Mummy - be Mumio?
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It says "MUMIE" so make of that what you will.
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Мумие, phonetically translated mumiye is a natural product.
From the russian Wiki
""bitumen" (also called Tears of the Mountain), is produced in the mountain caves of Central Asia. Shilajit - Natural blend of organic and inorganic readily soluble in water, a substance that collects in rock crevices, cavities, recesses in the form of films, crusts, the build-up of black, dark brown and brown resin-like mass with a mixture of sand and gravel. Mummy in nature reserves are limited, but renewable. The main reserves mummy in the former Soviet Union are in Central Asia, the Caucasus, Kazakhstan, the Altai, in the spur of apple ridge, and in southern Siberia."

the English wiki entry
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Thank you!
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I'm not a huge Russian expert, but I think the first vowel in the name would be pronounced 'oo'. Also, I think the final 'e' might be pronounced 'yeh' OR 'yoh' (rhymes with 'no').

There's a diacritical mark, two dots (like an umlaut), that signals the second pronunciation (rhymes with 'no'), but it's often left off for some reason (and the e-with-two-dots is nearly impossible to find on some keyboard layouts).

So, it could be "Moomeeyoh". I think.

I really, really want to be corrected if this is wrong.
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amtho, yes that last letter is a yo, not a ye. I couldn't work this out yesterday because the word is not in my dictionary, in either direction.

The diacritical mark is often left off because it's conventionally not supposed to appear in print media, only in dictionaries or in textbooks for foreigners. It is infuriating that they have an extra letter and then refuse to use it for the sole purpose of faking us out, but there it is.
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On the origins of "mummy"
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