Wow factor needed for one hour, 95 high school grads.
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Grad Night Party question. 95 high school grads, on our way to the first of two secret venues. We have an hour to kill at a nearby school. We have ice cream, cupcakes, cookies. It will be dark. What do you suggest to make it more fun? This is a no drinking, no drugs, kids on buses, with chaperones event. We have a few 100$ to spend. Oh, it's this Tuesday. Thoughts?
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Best answer: Glow stick necklaces and light up nerf balls to toss around.
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Best answer: Clearly you should have an arsenal of glowing jewelry and -- ah, on preview, beaten to the punch.

I like the idea of light-up nerf balls; a few color-changing light-up beach balls would be pretty cool.
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Break everybody out into, say, ten groups of nine, chosen to maximize your interaction with people you don't know, and do those ice breaker, would you rather, my favorite thing about person X is type games. It's graduation, so you're all feeling goofy and sentimental, which makes good fodder for those "We aren't really good friends but I always admired how hard you worked in science class sophomore year" type things that make everyone cry.
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Man, you should just blow your entire budget at that website I linked to. Maybe you can come up with other illuminated activities -- e.g., throwing glow necklaces around glow sticks stuck in the ground.

I would have hated being forced to do ice-breakers with non-friend classmates at my graduation party. There was a reason I wasn't friends with them, and by the time graduation rolled around I was looking forward to never seeing them again. Maybe I'm an outlier, though.
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You have time to order from Oriental Trading Co. If you hurry.

I would go for some sort of toss and catch activity, myself.
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Where's the nearest Indian reservation where you can buy fireworks?
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Definitely all pop music from middle school era. My friends and I all got nostalgically into the Spice Girls as our high school graduation crept up.
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Best answer: Order a couple kegs of root beer and pass out solo cups. We did this in the parking lot on our last day of high school and had a lot of fun.
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I saw a thing somewhere on the internet about an egg hunt using those plastic eggs with glow sticks inside. I think the idea was posted on Pinterest, but I don't really understand how that works, so you're on your own there.

Maybe you could do a glowing egg hunt and fill the eggs with coupons redeemable for larger prizes? I graduated in 2006 and was like, too cool and cynical and all that to go to my own grad night party, but they gave away some nice stuff (Xboxes, TVs, etc.) for a middle-class public school.

(While fireworks are always awesome, the typical chaperone at my high school would not have gone for much of anything purchased on a reservation, much less illegal fireworks. Wait til you're in college to do that.)
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Haunted school!
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Blacklight and neon glow paint! Things could get messy, but the stuff washes off.
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Light-up frisbees.
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Are you dressed fancy? We got our bus to stop in front of walls of graffiti and took cool pictures of us all fancy in front of grungy graffiti. Could look cool in the dark with flashes.
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I would do some sort of photo thing too. Have a ton of disposable cameras and have tons of photos. Scan them and post them online. :)

The Root Beer idea is super cute too.
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"Cocktails" made with red bull or cheap generic energy drinks
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