Help Me Find This Fable About Cheetahs
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Trying to identify a myth/fairy tale I read in an issue of Highlights back in the 1990s. It has to do with how animals got their spots/colors, and how the cheetah, who was vain, waited too long and had to use the leftover paint colors to create its yellow coat, black spots, and black "tears".

The only comparable story I can find is one about how the Zebra got its stripes.

Hadithi, Mwenye & Kennaway, Adrienne. (2004). Greedy Zebra. London: Hodder Children’s Books.
While all the African animals are selecting their colorful coats and horns, Greedy Zebra is obsessed with eating. By the time he notices the striking features of the other animals, only leftover black strips of cloth remain.

Any ideas? I've searched through varying combos of "cheetah fairytale paint" etc but no luck. Would love to share this with my students as they're reading about cheetahs this week. Thank you!
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All I can think of is Kipling's How The Leopard Got His Spots, which tbh doesn't seem to fit.
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Best answer: "How Come the Cheetah"?
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Well the Cheetah conservation fund has a few stories on its website. It might have been Tinga Tinga Tales? I couldn't find that one online but there is a Cheetah one. Good luck. :)
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Response by poster: It's specifically one that addresses the tears on their faces. I remember it having this illustration of a cheetah applying lipstick like makeup to its face, not to its body.
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Response by poster: MonkeyToes, that's it! Now to find a complete copy. Thank you so much!!!
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I Memailed you.
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