Where can I get cheap basic clothing online?
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I need to get some clothing staples for a young woman. She needs basic underwear, socks, t-shirts; you know, the standards. Anyone know of a good place to go? Target, Wal-mart, etc. all seem to not sell this sort of thing online.
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Amazon sells the basics online, if you need to buy online.
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Best answer: Hanes online: www.onehanesplace.com
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Land's End's overstocks site usually has some great deals. The online Eddie Bauer Outlet does too.

But Smich's Amazon suggestion is probably best.
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Try American Apparrel.
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How about Kohl's or JC Penney?
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la redoute/lerner have catalogs, but i'm not sure if you can shop online too...i'd second the hanes place thing, great cheap online basics. amazon and american apparel are also great.
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i hope this isn't too inappropriate (or worryingly stalker-ish), but it would be great if this (the story one infers from your askme questions) worked out, and if you could post some photos on meta on graduation day. good luck.
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Response by poster: Hanes was great - they had cheap packs of panties and socks. Sorry Josh, but American Apparel is far from cheap. I like their stuff and all, but $20 for a pair of underwear? Hanes had a 6 pack for $10.

Amazon has pretty limited underwear and socks, just FYI.

Thanks everyone!

PS, Andrew... if you can wait 4 years. ;)
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