Punk songs for a folk lover?
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I normally listen to bluegrass/folk/classical, but I recently found out I really love Bad Religion's "Sorrow". What other punk tracks might I enjoy?

I don't think I care particularly about the "soft"/acoustic sound of much of the music I listen to, so I'd love to branch out to include some harder stuff that shares the same basic musical underpinnings. As far as I can tell, what I'm looking for are songs that have, in descending order of importance:

-- Conspicuous sung harmonies
-- Strong moving bass line
-- Strong melody
-- Relatively traditional overall structure
-- Interesting, thoughtful lyrics

What other songs in the punk/post-punk line should I be checking out?
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Best answer: Social Distortion
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The Distillers - particularly Coral Fang!
Ramones - although not so much on the thoughtful lyrics. ;)
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Check out the Mekons, particularly their albums that blended post-punk with a country vibe, like Fear and Whiskey and The Mekons Honky-Tonkin'.
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The Pogues - Start with Rum Sodomy and the Lash. They re-work a lot of older folk tunes.
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Best answer: Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly sound like they'd be right up your alley.
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How about some fast folk/bluegrass punk? Try Larry & His Flask and Old Man Markley.
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and old Against Me!
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Best answer: Also, Bad Religion has been around for over 30 years and have a massive discography. You might want to try listening to more Bad Religion as well.
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Another vote for the Mekons, as well as their spin-off band, the Waco Brothers.
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Your want of melody, bass line, and good lyrics makes me thing you might enjoy Operation Ivy, too. Also, all of the other recommendations so far in this thread are great.
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Maybe try the Devil Makes Three? Kinda punky, kinda bluegrass. Samples available too.
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Oh, also, Ramshackle Glory is really fun, and they basically are a punk band playing bluegrass/folky stuff. I can't link to youtube right now, but check out them and OP IVY both!
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I can link after all!

Operation Ivy
Ramshackle Glory
Fucked Up
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Best answer: Joey Ramone - What a Wonderful World.

Social Distortion, specifically: Ring of Fire, Story of My Life, and Ball and Chain.

Rise Against - Savior, Swing Life Away (an acoustic interlude), and Life Less Frightening
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LA punk band X plays at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, usually in their only-slightly-different incarnation The Knitters. I think both fit most or all of your criteria.
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Coming at it from a different direction: Uncle Tupelo.
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I'll open with some Rancid, because your list perfectly describes them (and they have one of the best bassists in the business).

Then I'll raise you Against Me!*

*Ben Lee covered the entirety of Against Me!'s New Wave and released it for free by download.
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The Levellers, listen to One Way or Julie (I'd link but I'm on my phone).
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> Another vote for the Mekons

And from me (those are some of the greatest records of the '80s, if you ask me). And try Meat Puppets II (e.g., "Lost").
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This question made me smile. Great suggestions so far.

More Bad Religion, especially "Into the Unknown" which is very different from most of the band's other albums.

New Model Army
The Dickies
Toy Dolls
The Clash
Husker Du/Bob Mould/Sugar
Guided by Voices
Sleater Kinney
Electric Six
Mates of State
The Thermals.

I've ventured beyond strictly punk a bit there, but I could go on for days.
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Best answer: Social Distortion frontman Mike Ness put out a fantastic solo album in 1999 that I think you'd love - it's heavily folksy, with some country and rock thrown in.

Some of my favorites:

Ballad of a Lonely Man
If You Leave Before Me
Don't Think Twice (Dylan cover)
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Try Low sometime. They're not especially loud/hard, but they can be and claim a significant punk influence. Later albums like Trust and the Great Destroyer, or songs like California, Canada, and Monkey.
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Response by poster: Social Distortion-- YES. I'll definitely be checking into all the other suggestions (including lots more Bad Religion) over the next few weeks, though, and will mark more best answers as I go along. Thank you so much for all the answers, everyone!
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