Where can I watch Filipino news with English subtitles?
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How can I watch Filipino news (or any type of Filipino current events programming) in Tagalog with English subtitles? I only have a Roku - but if this can be accomplished with cable TV, Hulu Plus, etc., I'm all ears. I'm in Arlington, VA and have internet through Comcast. Thanks in advance.
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Have you been to any of the Filipino restaurants in Arlington or the surrounding areas in VA? I've been to a few up I-270 in MD, and I'm 75% sure they had some Filipino programming on their TVs, so you might want to ask a local restaurant what cable or satellite service they use. I've seen a bunch of programs on Verizon FIOS and I know they have a "filipino package" but availability varies by state and I don't know if it's a) all in Tagalog and b) cost effective).
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