Examples of well designed, accessible websites?
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I am looking for examples of well designed, accessible websites. Specifically, those that feature font size and color scheme tools, but are still aesthetically pleasing (at least in their default state). Our specific audience has disabilities such as dyslexia, ADHD, vision impairment, etc.; the client in question is a school.

I have experience with making 508-compliant sites, but am tasked with presenting some examples of nicely done accessible sites (level of compliance can vary) to a designer who is freaking out, thinking this assignment is totally going to stifle creativity.
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I think that DreamWidth is pretty compliant. I know that they make an effort to make their content accessible.

It's a journaling site, and you need an invite to start a new journal. If you want one, just shoot me an email, I have lots of them.

Link: Dreamwidth
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Really great question, Wossname. I've asked my network for some suggestions; as I recieve more, I'll add them in an additional reply to your post. For now:
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To clarify, I'm really looking for sites that have in-site font/color palette changing tools, integrated nicely. I'm already very familiar with what goes in to creating an accessible site, I've just seen so very few that have in-site GUI-changing tools that don't seem half-assed in their implementation.

For example, http://www.brailleinstitute.org/ goes the extra mile to change its logo in the "high contrast" version, which is a design toch I like. But, it falls short on swapping out the palette for its image text... (not to mention that image text is kind of a bad idea on an accessible site to begin with).
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