I'd rather not sit down.
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I'm looking for an inexpensive standing desk for use in an office where everyone sits.

My office unfortunately doesn't have plans for standing desks, and I'm interested in suggestions for standing desk alternatives when you're stuck with a sit-down desk. I like to get up during conference calls, but it's tough taking notes without having to sit back down.

Ideally, all I'd need is a surface big enough for a small laptop or my iPad that is at standing height for me (I'm 6'3"), and can be collapsed or otherwise hidden so as to not be unsightly when not in use.

It can be free-standing, or maybe sitting on top of my sit-down desk, or there is also a 10-12" diameter pole directly behind my desk that I could possibly bungee something to.

Thoughts? Ideally it wouldn't be an incredibly expensive solution, in the off-chance that the higher-ups don't take a shine to my re-working of my workspace, and I have to pitch the idea entirely.
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I would buy or build something like a desktop podium that you could place on top of your desk when you need it, and then stow underneath it when you need to hide it.
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I'm about 6'3'' and just mounted my desk on three concrete blocks per leg. It isn't pretty or adjustable (other than setting the desk down next to the concrete blocks). Perfect height.
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I have a Billsta bar table from Ikea that does the trick, but isn't collapsible. But mine is wide, and they have one now that's just a small round table. It's not collapsible either, but might take up little enough space that it works.

It may also be a little low for proper ergonomics for a laptop. But if you have a decent stand or stack of books to put the laptop on, and then use an external keyboard and mouse it should work.

They also have drop-leaf tables that are attached directly to a wall and then folded down when not in use, but it doesn't sound like that would necessarily fit in your environment.

So I guess this might not be all that helpful since it doesn't meet all your requirements, but maybe it will trigger some other thought.
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My desk uses ErgoDesk Kangaroo Juniors. For short desks + tall people, you can call them and get one modded to go higher.
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A coworker of mine uses a modified metal bookshelf (like the type they use in libraries) with a desk wedged in between it for when he needs to sit down and work. The shelves are a bit narrow, but they leave enough room for his monitor and keyboard, and for him to take memos.
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Drafting desks are fairly inexpensive. You may want to check if they go to the height you prefer.

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I made a platform of particle board and PVC pipe. Let me see, do I have a picture: Can you see this?. It's from google plus, I don't know what the perms are off hand.
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Wow, that Kangaroo desk looks pretty cool. If you want something chapter you could find a nice piece of wood (or put a few together for your needed height) and use these Capita 8inch stainless steel legs from IKEA for $14. My husband did something like this. Hopefully your new tabletop could be the width you want and fit under your desk when you don't want to use it. (If you don't have a nice looking piece of wood you can get one cut to size at Home Depot or Lowes and stain or paint it yourself.)
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I just asked this question a few weeks ago. The Kangaroo seemed like the best fit for me (now to convince the office to buy it).
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Here's a nice roundup of standing desks. They liked the Kangaroo Jr, too.
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